Friday, June 1, 2012

What's To Come

Dear Readers,

What an awesome first month The Sweet Life has had! That's right, just barely in it's second month of existence and experiencing wild success (at least according to my expectations). In fact The Sweet Life has just reached 15,000 hits!  So I owe you all a big thank you for spending time here and checking out the goods.  Speaking of goods, there are some good things coming up in the month of June.

1. You will find out what I'm eating here and how to eat it yourself. Just know, it is creamy, delicious, and perfect for summer!
2. My very best friend, father of my child, and life partner will be stopping by to bring you his very secretive, highly coveted, Tofu Reuben Sandwich. You seriously don't want to miss this. I have known tofu skeptics and fanatic meat eaters to crave this incredible creation. 

3. I am adding a new, seasonal component to The Sweet Life: What to do with all those veggies (I actually don't know what I'll be calling it). Starting next week I will be getting my weekly crate of vegetables through my CSA provided by Fern Creek Farm. This is my first year as a member, but I'm pretty familiar with the bountiful weekly crates (considering the farm is run by my parents) and I'm sure this summer and fall will be full of experimenting with new meals, freezing, canning, and dehydrating.  Join and share with me on this journey!

4. Lastly, The Sweet Life will be having it's first giveaway! I don't have the details yet, but it's going to involve adding to your vegan cookbook collection. Don't forget to check back because free stuff is awesome, right?

There will be much much more this month, but I want to hear from you! Of what do you want to see more? Less? Any things you want me to try to veganize? What's your absolute favorite dessert in the whole wide world?

Thanks again friends,


  1. i like the idea of more nut cheeses.

    1. i like that idea too, Brooke. It will happen this month.

  2. This sounds there a vegan way to make this?

    1. Kelly, you picked quite the challenge. I'm excited to take it on. I will save you a piece when I make it!